Are you tired of paying high utility bills?

Do you want to increase the value and efficiency
of your home?

Would you like to save hundreds of dollars and
help preserve our resources now?


 Green Place, provider of the Home Energy Reduction Optimizer, has the answer!




         Air Conditioner Pre-Cooler
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                                                                                Mist A/CTM

The Mist A/CTM  System is a key part of the energy saving process.  Our Professional Energy Saving Installers will Clean, re-wrap your outside A/C unit and install your A/C-Pre Cooler in about 2 hours your savings start immediately.

If you want to save even more we can  assess your home’s thermal and mechanical efficiency, using specialized tools, such as an infrared camera and Duct Blaster system.  These two assessments will allow Green Place to make several immediate upgrades, saving even more on your utility bills.we can even create a detailed report showing other areas of your home that can be improved and provide an estimated savings on each improvement.   (click on any picture for details)


           ENERGY AUDIT                     DUCT  BLASTERq Duct Testing                     HOME SEAL UP            

           “My HERO Audit found a major air leak going                        A study funded by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

            into my attic.  One quick fix saved me a lot of                      estimates that many Louisiana homes have duct leaks accounting

            money and made the bedroom much cooler”.                    for over 70% loss of efficiency in their air conditioning systems.

            Chris, Baton Rouge, LA


                                           SAVING WATER / HOT WATER


            “Wish I would have put the HERO System in ten years ago, it would have already saved me almost $5000.00!”

               Walter, Belmont, NH


            The HERO Report  click for details   

 A detailed, custom report, including infrared thermal imaging on your home, showing other areas where you can
 save and the SIR (Savings to Investment ratio) on each potential improvement. You will also receive helpful guides
 on rebates and tax credits for various energy saving improvements.

                                           For more information or to order the HERO System Now
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